TEU043a - Goodbye Mark, My friend, My boi

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  • Song Name: TEU043a - Goodbye Mark
  • Artist: Tie Em Up
  • Year: 2012

Sorry a second attempt... the first went wrong...

On Monday 11 June 2012 my boi Mark passed away when his heart failed.

He had suffered from Myeloma (an incurable cancer) for many years - even before I met him - every day had been a bonus.

In this episode is the story of how I collared him. Despite losing him now, this is a horny story. Please enjoy it, I know he would want you too.

The story was originally part of podcast no 7 and have been roughly cut out and added here. As ever I havent edited it so excuse me the odd tear or two.

You can email me at daveteu@btinternet.com

Goodbye Mark - My Friend, My Boi. May you journey on in peace and free of the pain you hid so well from so many.

Brightest Blessings.